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Welcome to Alaskan Vampires

The Alaskan Vampires website, an online colliquium of those denizens who self-identify with vampires (vampyres) and/or the vampire subculture. Those noctilucent kindred who are familiar with the "Dark Night of the Soul”,curious about nightkind and the shadows within themselves. It’s a collection of like-minded individuals whose modus vivendi,esoteric pursuits and spirituality incorporate their ethereal as well as their corporeal lives.

This website is not a role-playing site. Membership is available to those who take vampirism seriously and incorporate it in their lives.

The intent of this website is to provide an informative symposium, establish gatherings for and/or related to the vampire community, uphold a supportive desideratum and friendly atmosphere for its participating members. A place to share ideas, experiences, and unique lifestyles while exercising respect and common-courtesy to fellow kindred.

 As are many in the same situation, the Alaskan vampire community is sparse and has little sense of itself. "30 Days of Night" can become a reality in many ways, especially in regards to distance and isolation from the Lower 48 and it’s gathered Kin. For those going through their awakening, it can be hard and confusing times. For some, it can be overwhelming. There are many supportive groups and reference links on the internet/ OVC that can help... But at times, it's good to know (and realize) that there are Kindred in the immediate-local community… And that we are not alone!

 We are all components that make up the Community. It would be nothing without us. Our community is important. Therefore, we are important!

Community derives from the French word communité or the Latin communitas (“with/together” and “gift”). It can be defined as people living in a particular district, city, etc. or a group of people forming a social unit within a larger one. Segregation involves the separation from others or the main mass of a group. It also involves collecting into a new body. The gift from the communitas should not include segregation of our Kin. Rather, it should recognize what brings us together.

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